Flip Chip Machines for Assembly of Facing Down Chips/Dies

Flip chip is one of the most common methods how to assemble bare chips. One method that is often compared with flip chip is wire bonding. The chip surface with bonding pads are looking upward (Face-up) and the bonding pads are connected to a substrate via metal wires.

In contrast, the chip surface with bonding pads are looking downward (Face-down) with flip chip assembly method. The bonding pads are connected to a substrate via solder bump, ACF and so on.

Following benefits can be obtained with our laser assisted bonding machine for flip chip:

  • Depress thermal stress that caused by long reflow time
  • The components surrounding bonding area do not get the effect by heat

Flip Chip Equipment


Ultra – SB²

Ultra-SB2 is a fully automated solder bumping equipment integrating flux printing, ball placement, 2D inspection and wafer level rework.



The PacLine 300 A50 is a fully automated machine for electroless deposition of Ni/Au, NiPd or NiPdAu bumps on semiconductor wafers.


SB² – Compact

SB²-Compact machine is the SB² entry point for high volume production with highly flexible and ultra-compact workstation.


SB² – Jet

SB²-Jet is the machine with the highest placement precision and smallest solder ball capability.


LaPlace – FC

The LaPlace-System provides an integrated solution for flip chip assembly for laser assisted soldering, ACF and NCP interconnections.


SB² – SM

The SB2-SM is a machine for prototyping and small volume production that has wider working area than the SB2-M and more optional features.