Publications 2021

  • Innovative laser assisted 3.5D and SB² WB assembly processes for next generation advanced packaging
  • Versatile hermetically sealed sensor platform for high frequency applications
  • Assembly and Repair of mini- and µ-LED display panels using innovative laser assisted bonding
  • Lasergestützte Fügeprozesse als Schlüsseltechnologie der zukünftigen Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik
  • Laser-assisted transfer of solder material from a solid-state solder layer for mask-less formation of micro solder depots on Cu-pillars and ENIG pad structures
  • A study about 3D stacking of passive SMD elements for advanced SMT packaging using laser assisted bonding

Publications 2020

  • Reliabillity of Through Glass Vias and hermetically sealing for a versatile sensor plattform
  • Study of solder interconnect configurations & performance of vertical laser assisted assembled “3.5D” packages

  • A study on laser-assisted bonding (LAB) and its influence on luminescence characteristics of blue and YAG phosphor encapsulated InGaN LEDs

  • Laser-assisted bonding (LAB) and de-bonding (LAdB) as an advanced process solution for selective repair of 3D and multi-die ship packages

Publications 2019

  • Controlled Gold Nanoparticle Placement into Patterned Polydimethylsiloxane Thin Films via Directed Self-Assembly
  • Vertical laser assisted bonding for advanced “3.5D” chip packaging
  • SB²-WB: A new process solution for advanced wire-bonding

Publications 2017

  • Deposition of Al and Cu nanoparticles on Silicon Wafer using a Picosecond Nd: YAG Laser: An Experiment-based Parameter Optimization Guide
  • Comparison of nano particle implantation with picosecond lasers by concerning different wavelengths from Aluminum and Copper on Silicon wafer substrate

Publications 2016

  • Progress in Wafer Level Bumping, Flip Chip Assembly and Electromigration Performance in Flip Chip Lead-Free Solder Connections with 30µm or 40µm Diameter
  • Advanced Laser Bonding of Ultra Fine Pitch Cantilever Spring Pins for Assembly of Flash, DRAM and Logic Probe Cards

Publications 2014

  • Advanced Technologies and Equipment for 3D-Packaging

Publications 2013

  • Micro Ball Bumping for Wafer Level & 3-Dimensional Applications using Solder Sphere Transfer and Solder Jetting
  • Eless NiPd and NiPdAu OPM: A Low Cost, High Throughput Solution for Enhanced Gold and Copper Wire Bond Reliability

Publications 2012

  • Micro Ball Bumping Packaging For Wafer Level & 3-D Solder Sphere Transfer and Solder Jetting
  • Methods of Micro Ball Bumping for Wafer Level & 3-Dimensional Application using Solder Sphere Transfer and Solder Jetting

Publications 2011

  • Wafer Level Bumping and Flip Chip Assembly with Solder Balls Down to 30µm
  • Processing and Reliability Analysis of Flip-Chips with Solder Bumps Down to 30 µm Diameter
  • WLCSP and FlipChip Production Bumping Using Electroless Ni/Au Plating and Wafer Level Solder Sphere Transfer Technologies

Publications 2010

  • Wafer Level Packaging of Compound Semiconductors
  • Adapted Assembly Processes for Flip-Chip Technology With Solder Bumps of 50µm or 40µm Diameter
  • Wafer-Level Solder Sphere Placement and its Implications
  • Wafer-Level Solder Sphere Placement and its Implications
  • Repair, Rework, and Reball Solder Ball
  • WLCSP and Flipchip production using electroless Ni/Au plating and Wafer Level Solder Sphere Transfer Technologies

Publications 2009

  • Wafer Bumping im Fokus
  • Laser Based Assembly of Ultra FinePitch Bumped ICs for Chip-to-Chip Proximity Coupled application

  • New Solder Bumping Technology and Adapted Assembly Processes for 100µm Pitch Flip-Chip-Technology Using Capillary Flow or No Flow Underfill
  • Electroless Nickel/Gold Under-Bump-Metallization Cost Comparison
  • Ultra Fine Pitch Bumping Using e-Ni/Au and Sn Lift-Off Processes

Publications 2008

  • WLCSP and Flip Chip Bumping Technologies
  • WLCSP Solder Bumping Mechanical Reliability Testing
  • WLCSP Production using electroless NiAu Plating and Wafer Level Solder Sphere transfer Technology
  • Bumping for WLCSP using micro solder ball attach on electroless NiAu & NiPdAu UBM
  • ENIG vs. ENEP (G) Under Bump Metallization for Lead free WL-CSPSolder Bumps – a Comparison of Intermetallic Properties Using High Speed Pull Test

Publications 2007

  • Solder Bumping-ein neues flexibles AVT-Verfahren für optoelektronische Systeme
  • Wafer Level Packaging & Bumping – New achievements on technical feasibility and reliability by using an electroless Ni/Au UBM
  • Wafer Level Packaging & Bumping – A view from a European Service Provider
  • (Micro) Ball Placement for Wafer Level CSP

Publications 2006

  • Laser assisted Soldering and Flip Chip Attach for 3-D Packaging
  • Wafer Bumping & Wafer Level Packaging for 300mm Wafer
  • Wafer Bumping & Wafer Level Packaging for the European Market
  • Pulsed-laser Heating for Flip Chip Assembly
  • 300mm-Electroless Bumping
  • Wafer Bumping – State of the art technology; Requirements & developments from the perspective of a European Wafer Bumping Service Provider

Publications 2005

  • 300mm-Electroless Bumping

Publications 2004

  • Low Cost Electroless Bumping for Ultra Fine Pitch Applications in 8″ and 12″ Wafers
  • Lead-Free Solder Bumping for High Temperature Automotive Application
  • LAPLACE – A New Assembly Method using Laser Heating for Ultra Fine Pitch Devices
  • Process Makes Electroless Nickel/Gold Wafer Bumping Economical for Flip-Chip Packaging

Publications 2003

  • A New Low Stress and Flexible Assembly Method using Laser Heating for NCP, ACF and Solder Interconnection
  • Fluxless Laser Solder Jetting for Optoelectronics and MEMS Packaging
  • Laser Assisted Flip Chip Assembly for LCD Applications using ACP and NCP Adhesive Joining
  • Advanced Flip Chip Technology and It´s Application in Europe
  • Cost-Effective 300mm Electroless Wafer Bumping
  • Laser Solder Jetting in Advanced Packaging
  • Placement and reflow of solder balls for FC, BGA, Wafer-Level-CSP, Optoelectronic Components and MEMS by using a new solder jetting method
  • Laser Solder Attach for Optoelectronics Packages
  • IMAPS Flip Chip Technology Workshop 2002, Contactless Laser Solder Jetting for fine pitch flip chip bumps
  • Laser Solder Ball Application for Optoelectronics and MEMS Packaging
  • High Speed Laser Solder Jetting Technology for Optoelectronics and MEMS Packaging
  • A Semi-Additive Electroless Ni-Au Process Offers a Low-Cost Wafer-Bumping Method

Publications 2001

  • Low Cost Flip Chip Bumping
  • A Wafer Level CSP based on a Low Cost Electroless Redistribution Layer
  • Single and Multiple Laser Solder Ball Placement and Reflow for Wafer Level CSP
  • Wafer Level CSP using Low Cost Electroless Redistribution Layer
  • Low Cost Bumping on Wafer Level for 300mm Wafer

Publications 1999

  • A Low Cost Bumping Process for 300mm Wafers
  • A Bumping Process for 12″ Wafers