As a unique turnkey solution provider in electroless plating, we are also supplying complete plating solutions to our customers by utilizing our plating know-how and expertise for a guaranteed process transfer. Our chemicals come with over 25 years of production experience in Wafer Level Packaging, with proven process records of over 500,000 wafers’ output per month worldwide in multifarious applications such as consumers, commercial, automotive, aerospace, agriculture and industrial products.

In cooperation with our partners, PacTech develops high-tech-chemicals for various applications in semiconductor industry, and come with cyanide and cyanide-free options. The chemicals are consistently improved and adapted into our mass production process for high reliability packages including automotive and aerospace applications. As a turnkey supplier for electroless plating, the chemical supplies can be customized according to customer’s Pacline configuration to achieve automatic manufacturing such as CDU supply and automatic bath maintenance.

Our product portfolio includes concentrates and pre-mixed baths ready to be used.

Electroless Plating

  • Al & Cu pad cleaning
  • Al & Cu pad activation
  • Electroless Ni, Pd, Ag, Cu
  • Immersion Au
  • Cyanide or Cyanide –free
  • Special solutions for Ni & Ag pad cleaning/activation


  • Worldwide distribution
  • Importer of record

  • Consignment
  • Quality Assurance


  • Backside coating
  • Photosensitive
  • Strippers


  • Flux cleaner
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