Laser Assisted Bonding Machines for Connecting of Material Surfaces

Soldering is one of the most common process in the various industries such as semiconductor, electrical component, optical component, and more. Despite the long history of the process, soldering is still to the best way to get robust mechanical and electrical interconnection even today.

Our unique soldering solution “Solder Jetting / Jet Mode” provides you a wide range of flexibility that allow you to deal with the difficulties stem from the nature of your products.

Depending on the condition of the products, you can also choose the soldering mode “Standard Mode” that even expand the capability of the machines.

Laser Assisted Bonding Service

Laser Assisted Bonding Equipment


LaPlace – VC

The LaPlace-VC laser bonder is a system for the vertical attachment of chips or similar devices loaded into the machine in waffle packs.


LaPlace – Can

Ultra-Fine-Pitch Cantilever Assembly and Laser Bonding for Wafer Probe Cards with optional Rework Capability.


LaPlace – FC

The LaPlace-System provides an integrated solution for flip chip assembly for laser assisted soldering, ACF and NCP interconnections.


LaPlace – HT

The LaPlace-HT is an automatic Laser Soldering machine for assembly of e.g. Schottky Diodes and Bypass Diodes – especially for solar cell modules.