Laser Bonding System (LAB) with Compression Bonding and Laser Assisted Reflow

LaPlace – CPT

Discover the pinnacle of technological advancement with LaPlace-CPT, a revolutionary solution for chip and component assembly. LaPlace-CPT represents Laser Bonding (LAB), Laser Compression Bonding (LCB), and Laser Assisted Reflow (LAR). This cutting-edge machine sets new standards in precision engineering, redefining the landscape of chip and component assembly through innovative laser bonding technologies. Each abbreviation encapsulates a specific aspect of LaPlace-CPT’s capabilities, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability in the assembly process.

Laser Bonding (LAB):

LaPlace-CPT utilizes Laser Bonding (LAB) technology to achieve unparalleled precision in joining materials. LAB ensures a seamless and robust bond between chips and components, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of electronic devices. The laser’s focused energy creates a bond that surpasses traditional assembly methods, setting a new benchmark in quality and durability.

Laser Compression Bonding (LCB):

In the realm of microelectronics, precision is paramount. LaPlace-CPT introduces Laser Chip Bonding (LCB) to address the intricate demands of assembling microchips. LCB harnesses the power of lasers to facilitate the delicate bonding of microchips, ensuring accuracy at the microscale. This breakthrough technology minimizes the risk of errors, contributing to the production of high-performance electronic devices.

Laser Assisted Reflow (LAR):

LaPlace-CPT goes beyond conventional methods with Laser Assisted Reflow (LAR). This innovative technique optimizes the reflow process, where soldering material transforms into a liquid state and forms a secure connection. LAR enhances the efficiency of reflow soldering by utilizing laser assistance, resulting in improved thermal control and reduced thermal stress on sensitive components.

Unlock the potential of LaPlace-CPT and witness a paradigm shift in chip and component assembly. Our commitment to excellence and precision ensures that your electronic devices meet the highest standards of quality.

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Laser Soldering for CSP, FlipChip, SingleChip, BGA, PCB, THT soldering. Modular system for Prototyping or mass production.

LaPlace – CPT Products & Applications


  • Prototyping
  • Flash Memory


  • Flip Chip

  • Single Chip

  • Chip Scale Packaging (CSP)

  • THT Soldering

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)