Being the pioneer of wafer level electroless plating technologies, PacTech has been offering WLP services to the semiconductor and electronics industry with over 25 years of experiences. We have been constantly expanding our WLP capabilities and developing cutting edge technologies in order to support packages in higher density and smaller size.

We provide various metallization finishes via different technologies including electro-plating, electroless plating, sputtering and evaporation. There are various solder bumping capabilities including solder printing, ball placement, electro-plated solder bump as well as Cu pillar which cater to specific layout design and assembly requirements.

In addition, PacTech owns the latest metrology and analytical equipment to help in the development and production processes, including: X-ray, shear test, AOI, FIB, SEM, high speed ball pull, chemical analysis, etc.

We offer WLP services across the globe from all three PacTech sites in Europe, America and Asia, with professional WLP specialists to recommend the best performance and cost-effective solutions, supporting customized process development out of mainstream offers, and our flexible subcontracting model can be modified to suit different demand and loading strategies.

Our WLP services are being engaged in wide-range of industry applications, including automotive, aerospace, agriculture and farming, commercial, communication, industrial power, 5G and RF and many more. They are suitable for numerous assembly and packaging applications, such as:

  • Flip Chip Package on Package (FC PoP)
  • 3D Integrated Circuit (IC)
  • 2.5D Interposer
  • Flip Chip
  • Embedded Integrated Circuit (IC)
  • Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FO WLP)
  • Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP)



Electroplating, or electrochemical deposition, is the process of using electrodeposition to coat an object in a layer of metal(s) on any substrate. RDL and Copper for example, are part of this process.


Low-cost mask-less chemical deposition of various metal stacks on wafer surface to serve as intermetallic connection or to enhance product reliability and performance.

Laser Assisted Bonding

Laser assisted bonding is an interconnection method performed through the laser energy to bond two surfaces of materials together.

Solder Balling

Various solder deposition technologies to form solder bump for WLCSP and flip chip interconnects.

Wafer Level Component Assembly

Wafer level assembly by attaching of dies or various passive components on wafer surface.

Wafer Thinning

Thinning of wafer backside for dies in final packaging.

Wafer Metal Coating

Application of various metal stacks via evaporation or sputtering technologies on wafer backside for better die performance.

Wafer Dicing

High precision and accurate singulation of dies on a wafer.