Publikationen von PacTech

Publikationen 2023

  • Forming of advanced THT-interconnects using SB² laser solder jetting process

  • Next generation advanced packaging using innovative laser Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2023assisted bonding equipment

Publikationen 2021

  • Innovative laser assisted 3.5D and SB² WB assembly processes for next generation advanced packaging
  • Versatile hermetically sealed sensor platform for high frequency applications
  • Assembly and Repair of mini- and µ-LED display panels using innovative laser assisted bonding
  • Lasergestützte Fügeprozesse als Schlüsseltechnologie der zukünftigen Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik
  • Laser-assisted transfer of solder material from a solid-state solder layer for mask-less formation of micro solder depots on Cu-pillars and ENIG pad structures
  • A study about 3D stacking of passive SMD elements for advanced SMT packaging using laser assisted bonding

Publikationen 2020

  • Reliabillity of Through Glass Vias and hermetically sealing for a versatile sensor plattform
  • Study of solder interconnect configurations & performance of vertical laser assited assembled “3.5D” packages
  • A study on laser-assisted bonding (LAB) and its influence on luminescence characteristics of blue and YAG phosphor encapsulated InGaN LEDs
  • Laser-assisted bonding (LAB) and de-bonding (LAdB) as an advanced process solution for selective repair of 3D and multi-die ship packages

Publikationen 2019

  • Controlled Gold Nanoparticle Placement into Patterned Polydimethylsiloxane Thin Films via Directed Self-Assembly
  • Vertical laser assisted bonding for advanced “3.5D” chip packaging
  • SB²-WB: A new process solution for advanced wire-bonding

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