SB² – SMs Quantum

The SB²-SMs Quantum is our new flagship for high-volume laser soldering with unrivaled, premium processing quality, “Made-in-Germany”. It introduces a dual-drawer system and a vision process, which is done in parallel to the soldering process, thereby matching the loading and unloading procedures of the products with the soldering speed of the machine. This allows continuous production without stoppages due to necessary product loading/unloading procedures.

The SB²-SMs Quantum brings contactless and fluxless soldering technology into 3D component soldering. The SB²-SMs Quantum is a machine for automated sequential laser soldering, catering to a variety of different microelectronic devices, especially dedicated for camera modules, sensors, and optical devices. The system is capable to singulate, to position and to reflow solder balls with a diameter between 100 µm and 1,000 µm with a soldering speed of 6-8 balls per second.


  • Soldering mode: Jet mode
  • Available solder ball diameter: 100 – 1,000μm
  • Recommended soldering condition: 2D/3D soldering
  • Suitable for component/module soldering
  • Dual loading station (Drawer system) for continuous process
  • Optional angle changeable loading station
  • 2nd independent camera/axis for alignment and vision
  • Rotatable Workholder
  • 2-D Ball Inspection System
  • Software function for solder ball amount control
  • Automatic Laser Z-height measurement
  • High throughput with dual loading station (drawer)
  • Optional component rotatable station for 3D soldering
  • Efficient vision process by 2nd independent camera/axis
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SB²-Sms Quantum

SB² – SMs Quantum Products & Applications


  • Camera Modules
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Microoptics
  • MEMS & 3D Package


  • 3D Soldering
  • Camera Module Assembly

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