Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Machine

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is one of the principal method to be used for assembling electronic components onto a substrate such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The device assembled with that method is called as Surface Mount Device (SMD).

In many cases, the components such as a capacitor is placed in appropriate position with mounter equipment, and the substrate is heated by a reflow oven to form a solder interconnection. This process expects high throughput, however, it gives too much thermal stress to the substrate as a downside.

Our laser assisted bonding equipment provides you a low thermal stress bonding process. It allows you to process following objects:

  • Substrate has devices/components that easily affected by heat
  • Substrate itself shows heat-sensitive characteristics
WLP wafer with components

SMT Equipment



The LaPlace-VC laser bonder is a system for the vertical attachment of chips or similar devices loaded into the machine in waffle packs.


Ultra-SB² 300

Ultra-SB2 is a fully automated solder bumping equipment integrating flux printing, ball placement, 2D inspection and wafer level rework.



The LaPlace-System provides an integrated solution for flip chip assembly for laser assisted soldering, ACF and NCP interconnections.



SB²-WB is a combination of PacTech’s unique solder ball jetting machines with a wire feeding mechanism to perform wiring process.