The Solder Ball Bumper (SB²-SMs) is a compact workstation for sequential solder ball attach/solder jetting to a variety of different microelectronic substrates. The system is capable to singulate, to position and to reflow solder balls with a diameter between 100 µm and 760 µm. The reflow of the balls is done with a laser.

The system can be used for wafer bumping, single chip bumping and selective solder deposition on various substrates (FR4, ceramics, flex materials). It allows a flexible method of solder ball placement on Chip Size Packages (CSP) and on Ball Grid Arrays (BGA). Especially the system is designed for 3D interconnections, stacked 3D memory modules, Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) or Head Stack Assembly (HSA) for HDD applications, camera modules for portable devices and lens soldering of microoptics.