Laser Soldering Machine – SB²

Our laser solder jetting technology is clean, precise, and flexible. Our unique ball handling mechanism supplies a separated single solder ball into the capillary where the laser beam’s thermal energy melts the solder ball, and the solder is deposited to arbitrary positions and being reflowed immediately. It works with various solder alloys of different melting point and requires no flux therefore it is clean.

The localized heat and short pulse are generated by the laser that assures minimal thermal stress is applied on the area beyond the joined surfaces. The selective single solder ball dispensing mechanism requires no tooling for masking soldering locations, hence enables flexible soldering location and contactless soldering.


  • Fluxless

  • Mask/Stencil-less
  • Clean

  • Precision

  • Low Thermal Stress
  • 3D Soldering

Laser Soldering Process

Choose the bonding mode that best suits your application.

Jet Mode

  • Higher throughput
  • 3D Soldering is possible
  • Can handle smaller balls

Standard Mode

  • Better energy efficiency
  • For process with flux / For heavily oxidized pads

SB² Product Chart

SB2 Product Chart

SB² Product Family



SB2-M is an entry point for R&D with a small footprint and lower investment.



SB²-Jet is the machine with the highest placement precision and smallest solder ball capability.



SB²-Compact machine is the SB² entry point for high volume production with highly flexible and ultra-compact workstation.



Highly flexible laser soldering platform for SMT components, especially for high-volume production in the automotive industry.



The SB2-SM is a machine for prototyping and small volume production that has wider working area than the SB2-M and more optional features.



SB²-RSP system is a flexible robot soldering machine for automated angle-free laser soldering, especially for SMT components.



SB²-WB is a combination of PacTech’s unique solder ball jetting machines with a wire feeding mechanism to perform wiring process.


SB²-SMs Quantum

SB²-SMs Quantum is highly recommended solution for high volume production. It achieves high throughput with dual loading station/drawer system that realize continuous production.